A magazine of trans poetry and poetics

Submissions for Issue No. 4

In our next issue, Vetch seizes upon and rejects a figment of ideology, the requirement that trans people behave well in order to be treated with decency—by doctors, cops, the state, or indeed each other. This requirement makes itself felt in prescriptions on our actions and desires; in stipulating that we move through the world with politeness, grace, and patience; and in consequences, unevenly dealt along lines of race and class, for failing to follow the direction of these normative pressures. On the level of cultural production, these pressures are translated into a prescription that the writing of trans authors give expression to our appropriate and measured behavior in tandem with the authenticity of our gendered experience. While we recognize the place of this didactic and corrective work—some readers need to be taught, some writers do a good job of it—we aim here to provide an alternative in the form of an issue organized around bad behavior.

Here we are looking for poems that take up the problematic of being crude, hysterical, tasteless, cruel, wrong, rude, wicked or ungainly—on the level of form or content, as a matter of narrative or the expression of a lyric “I.” We are interested in work that acknowledges literature’s role as a space of fantasy and vice, citing the exemplary bad behavior of queer artists like Dennis Cooper and M. Lamar, who allow their work to be driven by fixation and desire in its various and difficult forms. We are interested in work that reminds us that some trans people are looking for sex in public bathrooms. Come behave badly with us.

Submissions open until May 15, 2017.

Submission Guidelines